This, for my husband, who convinced me to paint our dining room and let me choose the color.  Though that godforsakingly horrible peach photographed beautifully, I’m so glad you made us do more work.

I am bored to tears by our current home, but I love sharing walls with you.

4 years ago
Painted the front door today! Goodbye dark purple! (Taken with Instagram at Clementine)

Painted the front door today! Goodbye dark purple! (Taken with Instagram at Clementine)

2 years ago


{Image from my current Ideas for Clementine Pinterest board, image originally from Ruffled, one of my favorite wedding blogs back in the day…}

I’m kind of a terrible spring cleaner, but New Years makes me want to start fresh. Of late, I’ve been dreaming of painting Clementine’s interior. The photo above is my current favorite color palate: robin egg, or duck blue; light gold and cream. What do you think?

Also, the idea of painting means I’m gearing up for BIG sale in the shop. Everything on the walls and furniture will definitely be on that list (think of shopping as your way of helping me paint!)

What else would you like to see at Clementine in 2013?

1 year ago

I’ve painted a few swatches of blue on the walls and took some product shots yesterday. A New Year’s goal of mine was to be more involved and to revamp some of my current advertising. We’ll see if any of these shots make it in…

I just can’t get enough of the robin’s egg blue color, especially with a bit of gold, cream and blush.

The SALES continue in the shop through next Sunday January 20th! (40% off things on the wall, 30% or more off furniture and at least 10% off storewide. And, if you’re ordering online at Clementine use code OFFTHEWALL for 10% off of your entire online order!

Products pictured. All are available in store and here are the ones available online: Color pop necklaces, Cream and Black check tie, 3191 Quarterly, Botanical JournalGold geometric Journal, Sunshine card, tiny ceramic gold lipped dish, hand built paper dish, Black and Gold bracelet.

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